Private Lessons

Want to jump start your training?

Private lessons may be the way to go. These lessons are best suited for those who want one-on-one attention or those with hectic schedules who cannot make it to our group class times. Private lessons can follow the basic group class outlines or be tailored to the canine student’s needs and the family’s goals for their dog

Here are some considerations for private lessons. See if any of these make private lessons a good choice for you

  • Your schedule is different each week or you are not available during the group class times.
  • You have specific goals not targeted in our class outlines – we assess what your current situation is, find out what you want from your dog, formulate a plan to help you reach your goal, and then work with you to achieve your idea of a family dog.
  • Your dog is aggressive, nervous, or scared when outside your home or around other dogs.
  • You would like a coach’s undivided attention for the entire lesson, which means that both you and your dog have a better chance of progressing fairly quickly.
The most important thing is for you to have a dog that YOU enjoy. There are a few universal right and wrong behaviors but mainly it’s ALL ABOUT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR DOG. Private lessons take place in the comfort of your home, your office, our training room or any other location that you choose… have treat bag will travel!

To find out more or to schedule private lessons, please contact us!

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